Engagement Session


Getting ready for your photo shoot? Feeling a little nervous? Here are some helpful tips on what to do and what not to do!

TIP #1

 When it comes to picking out your clothes, try and stay away from stripes, flowers and patterns. Solid colors are the best choice so we can focus on your face and not your clothes. Pin stripes are ok. Also, stay away from bright colors like reds, oranges and yellows, as they tend to make you look larger than you really are.

TIP #2

Try to keep your jewelry simple. Too much can draw attention from your face. Keep your hair style consistent to the style of clothes you're wearing. No fancy up-do's with jeans, or pony tails with a dress.

TIP #3

Try to stay consistent between the two of you when it comes to your outfits. No dress for the lady, and jeans for the guy. Either both dress up, or both stay casual. Or do both with a change of clothes if you can't decide!

TIP #4

Consider having your shoot during the week if possible! Your location won't be as crowded, so less people will be in your photos. Even if you have to take a half day off of work, it will be well worth it! Plus I will have more availability during the week. 

TIP #5

Consider a location that has meaning to you. Maybe where you and your fiance' met, had your first date, or even had your first kiss!

TIP #6

Props are always a fun idea for engagement photos. Pinterest has a ton of ideas, but the most popular ones are Save The Date props.


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Irina & Steven

My fiance and I picked Damon to take our engagement photos after he was recommended by our venue. Damon went above and beyond our expectations...We look forward to working with Damon at our wedding and in other moments in our future. We highly recommend him!"

Julinette & Lester

Damon did our engagement pictures, was our wedding photographer and provided my wedding's photo booth. We couldn't be happier with his services. He is very professional and delivers his impeccable work on time. I love that he posts a sneak peak of your shooting in social media a couple of days after the event.

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