Megan & Ethan's Wedding, Clark's Landing Yacht Club, Point Pleasant, NJ

In my thirteen years as a wedding photographer in the Philadelphia area, I have never had the opportunity to shoot a Greek wedding, so when Megan and Ethan reached out to me about their Greek Orthodox ceremony and wedding reception in fall 2018, I was thrilled to work with them providing both photo and video for their wedding (See Highlight Film below!). In my phone conversations with the Exton, PA couple, I learned all about the details of their special day. Let me just say - Googling photos of the church where their ceremony would be held, and the Clark’s Landing Yacht Club in Point Pleasant, NJ where they’d hold their reception, could not have prepared me for how beautiful this day would be.

We started the wedding day at the Hilton Garden Inn in Lakewood, NJ, where Megan and her 10 bridesmaids and two flower girls were getting ready. Megan was nervous, but having worked with all types of brides over the course of my career, I was able to calm her down and assure her that everything was going perfectly. The photos I took of the bridal party getting ready really captured the essence of the day: fun, full of family, and incredibly special.

While I worked with Megan and the bridesmaids, my second shooter met up with Ethan and his 10 groomsmen. The guys were staying at a local Airbnb, which was a pretty tight space, but we made the most of it, capturing all the essential “getting ready” photos that the couple will remember forever.

"Damon! I honestly didn't think it could happen with us, but you did an amazing job. So thankful for you being a part of our day!"

- Megan

For a wedding photographer, shooting outside on a cloudy day is a dream. When we arrived at Riverfront Park in Point Pleasant, NJ for the First Look photos, the cloud cover was perfect. The lighting could not have been more ideal, and in such a beautiful setting, I couldn’t wait to capture this special moment between Megan and Ethan.

Now remember - Megan had 10 bridesmaids, and Ethan had 10 groomsmen. Add in the flower girls, and the bride and groom, and that’s 24 people in the bridal party! Of course, I came prepared and got out my wide angle lens while capturing the shots of the entire bridal party at the park. My second photographer was able to get the close-up photos of the bridal party, providing a different perspective of the day.

Like I said… I was not prepared for how beautiful the Saint Barbara Greek Orthodox Church would be. The domed ceiling and skylights, surrounded by a row of windows, brought in a ton of natural light that hit the altar perfectly, lighting up Megan and Ethan while making the colors all around the walls and ceiling of the church really pop.

Clarks Landing Yacht Club was great to work with too, and they recommended that we take photos at sunset, and even planned the reception start time around it! I’ve taken sunset photos of couples before, but this was unbelievable, and there’s a reason the venue suggests it as a must-do. Come on, this view is incredible! This was, in my opinion, the best shot of the day.

Continuing on the trend of “extremely impressive,” the inside of Clarks Landing Yacht Club was the perfect festive venue to celebrate the newlyweds. It was elegant, the chandeliers were a great touch, and the colored light being thrown around the room, illuminating the ceiling in a different color every few seconds, made for a really great variety of shots. No two photos at the reception looked the same.

When is the last time you were at a wedding with a belly dancer performance...? Megan and Ethan’s wedding truly had it all, and the venue was the perfect spot to accommodate the 200+ guests, the band, belly dancers, and even the artist who painted the first dance while Megan and Ethan shared this special moment together, producing a beautiful piece of artwork for the bride and groom to keep forever.

Megan and Ethan had a blast at their wedding reception at Clark’s Landing Yacht Club, and I truly did too. When it came time to leave, the newlyweds asked me to hang out and dance with them, because they were just that cool. Megan and Ethan’s special day was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced, and I’m looking forward to the next Greek wedding that I get to photograph. 

Congratulations to the newlyweds! Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of your wedding! 

Check out more photos from Megan and Ethan’s wedding and more photography sessions on my Instagram @DamonBilgerWeddings

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